Happy Anniversary To You – top gift ideas

 awesome anniversary gift ideasYou have an anniversary right around the corner and it’s time to make your awesome, beautiful woman feel very special. A key to the perfect gift is when it shows you really care. Whether it’s your first year or 50th year, here’s a list of great gifts that will make her smile!

Traditional Gifts

Women respond well to chocolates, flowers and jewelry. Check out your local, unique shops and take the time to choose her favorite flowers or specialty chocolates that you know she only treats herself to on special occasions.
Treat her to a trip! It doesn’t have to be a trip around the world or an exotic destination. Buy her a ticket to see a family member or close friend. This assures her that you want to make her happy and you actually do listen when she talks about her world.
If she’s a working girl, get together with her boss and figure out a good day off with pay. Many employers take a big interest in their employees and strive to help keep them positive and happy, at work and at home. This can be just what she needs and will be so surprised you went out of your way for her.
A romantic dinner at home, one you cook or her favorite restaurant take-out where you serve at home on your special plates. Along with this, though, is all the clean-up, she mustn’t lift a finger. Wine has its’ perfect place for this type of anniversary gift and don’t forget the music.
When your loved one gets great satisfaction out of shopping, let her shop. Arrange with a shop that you know she likes a certain amount of money to let her pick out something fantastic. A day of shopping is on the top of the list for many women. She’ll be thrilled…just make sure she knows what her limit is. If you want to cut the research just see this anniversary gift idea, I bet that it will charm her forever.

The 50th Anniversary

The 50th wedding anniversary, also know as the Golden One, is traditionally a time for a huge party! This can be quite a task and is usually put on by friends and family so the both of you can be stress free to have an enjoyable day. A gift for the Golden Anniversary is anything of gold….of course she’s worth the treasure of the world. Gold is usually bought in the form of jewelry; rings, chains and earrings are the favorite as they can be easily seen by the observer.
Trying to find a unique gift of gold is probably what’s on your mind. People come up with extraordinary ideas, such as a gold plated fortune cookie, roses dipped in gold or an actual gold nugget. If you have a special photograph, check with a local photographer to see if they can trim it up in gold or create a frame with some gold specs…they are breathtaking and so sparkly!

The 40th Anniversary

The 40th wedding anniversary is celebrated with rubies, a symbol of love that is still on fire. This event should be a night out on the town with food, drink and dancing. Spoil her with your undivided attention and never let go of her hand. Her ruby gift can easily be the highlight of the evening as you present it to her at an unexpected moment…..you’ll know when, right after you’ve made her laugh.
Many parties use the ruby theme for the 40th. Surround the room with red flowers, white tablecloths and ruby, red dinner plates. A red velvet cake with white icing for dessert and a delicious red wine to add full flavor be the meal.

The 10th Anniversary

The 10th wedding anniversary traditional gift is diamonds, a girls best friend next to you! When you present a woman with diamonds they automatically feel oh, so very special. A twist for a woman who has received several diamond jewelry gifts from you already, could be a diamond hair clip, a diamond keychain, a scarf with a diamond buckle, or diamond tipped false eyelashes.
All anniversaries are celebrated with great passion and love. You can be creative and sincere with the right amount of thought put into the occasion. A movie at home could be exactly what she wants or a family game night. Just make sure it’s going to make her memories of the day happy ones. Let your love shine!
I hope we gave you nice directions of what to in such special cases. and we wish you to achieve a record wedding anniversary.